Officers, Directors, Committees

Officers 2015
PresidentJames Lund
Vice President Pam Purdue
Vice President for Publications Susan Jones (
Treasurer Thomas Sneed
Assistant Treasurer Joe Kilgore
Recording Secretary Colleen Farrell
Corresponding Secretary Colleen Farrell
Interim Editor, Historic Maury Colleen Farrell (
Board of Directors 2015
Frank Bellamy -- Class of 2016
Stacey Jackson -- Class of 2015
Eric Previti -- Class of 2017
James Lund -- Class of 2014
Jo Ann McClellan -- Class of 2015
Hon. Bobby Sands -- Class of 2015
Pam Purdue -- Class of 2015
Susan Jones -- Class of 2014
Thomas Hutto -- Class 0f 2017
Joe Kilgore --Class of 2015
Colleen Farrell -- Class of 2014
Thomas Sneed -- Class of 2017
Comittees 2015
Awards and Scholarships Committee     TBA
Budget and Finance Committee     TBA
By-Laws Committee     TBA
Communications Committee     TBA
Membership Committee     TBA
Nominating Committee     TBA
Webmaster     Matthew Blair