The Maury County Historical Society was established and is maintained in accordance with the Tennessee Non-Profit Corporation Act. ARTICLE I and ARTICLE II of our bylaws are provide herewith as an introduction to the bylaws as established and approved 19 May 2013.

The complete By-Laws and Standing Rules can be viewed by clicking on the Bylaws link. You will, however, need to have a Portable Document Format (PDF) reader application installed on your system, e.g., Adobe Reader X (Windows and Mac systems), PDF Reader by Nuance (Windows systems), Foxit Reader (Windows systems), etc. to read either link's document. The proposed amendments will be placed before the Society's membership for a vote at the January 2012 General Membership Meeting. Location is to be announced. Members are encouraged to read the amendments and make plans to attend the January 2012 meeting so that they may vote.



The name of the organization shall be Maury County Historical Society (hereafter the Society). The principal office shall be located in Maury County, Tennessee with mailing address: Post Office Box 147, Columbia, TN 38402-0147. The Corporation shall have and continuously maintain a registered office and registered agent as required by the Tennessee Non-Profit Corporation Act. The Board of Directors may change the principal office and/or the registered agent upon majority vote of the Board.



The Society was formed in 1905 and reactivated in 1965 to preserve the history of Maury County from its origin until the present day. These objectives shall be manifest through the collection of memorabilia and other artifacts, and the publication of articles and documents of historical interest. The Society shall also record and publicize the outstanding contributions of Maury County citizens to the community, the state, and nation. The preservation and identification of sites in Maury County, which are important to its history, shall also be an objective.