Who We Are

Our Mission Statement...

The Maury County Historical Society is a non-profit society, chartered under the laws of the State of Tennessee, for the purpose of recording the history and promoting the preservation of historical properties, records, and artifacts of Maury County. The Maury County Historical Society carries out its program of activities through its duly elected officers, directors, committee chairmen, and committee members, reporting to its members by means of bi-monthly meetings, published quarterly magazine, published announcements and notices, and direct correspondence to its membership.

The Maury County Historical Society's membership is open to all persons who have similar interests, and are welcome, indeed encouraged, to become members regardless of their residence.

(NOTE: The Maury County Historical Society does not have a genealogical researcher on staff. We are sorry that we cannot provide genealogical services or genealogical researcher assistance to our members or anyone else seeking genealogical information. See our Genealogy page for links to possible sources of genealogical support.